Refund Policy

All products sold through are covered by our warranty and return policies. The quality of the product you will receive is guaranteed to be the best in its class, and we absolutely guarantee this.
Please remember these key points before returning products.

- If you are returning products for exchange / refund:

- All products must be post-marked no later than 3 days after you have received your product
- The product condition must be 100% BRAND NEW - this means that it must never have been worn, nor unpacked. Once you have worn your replica watch, the exchange/refund policy is void. This also means that the plastic wrapping around the band of the watches must be intact and not removed
- Please insure your return. We are not responsible for lost or damaged products during the shipping process. All shipping costs incurred as such are not refundable.
- The product is subject to final inspection for the above conditions before your return is processed
- Tampered products will not be exchanged / refunded. This means that if the watches have been opened up, or otherwise tampered or damaged, the return/refund policy will be considered null and void
- All refunds will be effected after the return product is received and inspected. Refunds will be in full, less shipping & handling charges (non-refundable), and the credit card processing fee charge (non-refundable, if payment was made via credit card).

If you are returning products for warranty:

- All our top quality replicas enjoy a full 1 year warranty on all manufacturers' defects.
- Only manufacturer's defects are covered under warranty. This does not include intentional damage, or general wear and tear (such as scratches, dents etc). Please make sure that the crown on all watches is always screwed in tight prior to water exposure, so that water damage does not occur
- If any of the watches have been tampered with, the warranty is void.
- If a manufacturer's defect appears on the product within 1 week of ordering, we will replace it with a brand new one.
- If your product cannot be repaired, we will send you a replacement of the exact same model. If that model is out of stock, then you can choose another product of the same or lesser value.